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Which Artists Use Metropolis Studios?

Metropolis Studios, the largest independently-operated recording complex in the world, has a glorious internationally acclaimed award-winning 26 year heritage. A high profile facility from its opening year in 1989, when Queen’s Innuendo was the first album to be recorded at the studio. Through the years a number of A listers have recorded, mixed and mastered their legendary material at the complex, including Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, U2 and Michael Jackson. Some of the most recent renowned global successes including Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black and Adele’s 25 have been created at Metropolis.

With 19 studios, including 2 live rooms, writing room and screening room, it is the world’s only recording complex that includes recording, mixing, mastering, video production and label services under one roof.

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Dan Baldwin, Mastering Manager, Metropolis Mastering

“Our sole aim is to make your music the best it can possibly be. Industry leaders PMC describe our mastering suites as, the best audio environments in the world. Whatever your requirements, our audio engineers will create the optimum sound that works best for your latest project.”

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